Not Handmade
But Brand Made

100% Pure Designer Fragrance Oil, That Will Last All Day 

Our Mission

The goal of Sam’s Oil Scentations (S.O.S.) is to make every effort to provide a scentsational (sensational) experience to our clients and the people around them.  We offer designer, brand-made oil fragrances for men and women, not handmade.   Our Designer Body Oil fragrance will enhance your confidence and mood.  “Mental health is wealth.”  S.O.S. truly loves educating our customer on Oil-based fragrance verses Water-based fragrance. Our Designer Oils are grade A quality and are long lasting. You will appreciate shopping with us, because of our exceptional quality and affordable prices. 


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What Our Clients Say

We love receiving honest feedback from our clients. Below you can hear exactly what they had to say. 

Really changed my outlook on designer oils. Fits right in my purse so I keep a fragrance with me at all times
Goldie P.​
Women constantly asking what I have on and I say "I can't even pronounce it myself"
Quan H.
These oils are fantastic! I love the variety of smell and how long they last on the skin. Great gifts for the holiday season
Aaron J.
The scents are really strong and last a long time, everytime I wear them people always ask me "what do I have on? It smells so good" The oils last longer then a typical perfume, and they do not stain my clothes.
Kay E.